Microweight Men/Women Quick Dry Waterproof Shell

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The Perfect Solution

Getting caught in the rain is no fun.  Being cold and wet can ruin any outing- be it a hike, camping or fishing trip, or watching an outdoor event. 

But carrying a heavy rain coat is a pain.  That's why our Micoweight Waterproof Shell is such a big seller.

  • Super lightweight (7.8 oz) and compact 
  • Made from PTA- a Synthetic Polymer that is strong and resistant to stretching, mildew and abrasions. 
  • Easily stores in tiny included sack  
  • packs anywhere.  Glove box, Purse, Backpack, you won't even know it's there until you need it.
  • Dry's super quick.  Pack it away within minutes of the rain stopping.
  • Not one size fits all.  Multiple sizes keep you from drowning in your coat... 
  • Easy machine wash in cold water.  Hang to dry.